Chaance is a singer, songwriter and performer. She identifies herself as a "soul singer". Many of her lyrics reflect experiences of love, romance, and self-reflection. Enjoy her angelic tone and positive vibes.

LoveJourney Entry #12: #Muse

Who’s your muse?

I never really knew what a muse was or how you can be that inspired by another person. Before I knew it I had met someone, and from my experiences with them I wrote poetry, songs and short stories. I looked back like, “Damn”. I guess he was my first muse. Now, I’m able to focus that same energy and write songs straight from the heart. All of my songs in LoveJourney are about real experiences that I’ve had with real people. Most of my “muse” creations are about romance and love, but there are some other aspects of life I pull from too. I also see using a muse as a way to over a situation you might be feeling a bit bitter about.

Trust me it works.

So, next time you create, try to pinpoint your muse, and if you can your work will be that much stronger.

Thanks to every muse out there. Continue to live & inspire.


My First Chalkboard :: Last night was a new first! I had such an excellent time at Silvana. The audience was amazing and the music was rockin’!! I felt so free on stage and can’t wait til next time.


LoveJourney Entry #11: In It For The Long Haul.

I used to be no stranger to short-term. Temporary. “Just for now”. “Until the next thing comes up”, with every aspect of my life. Whether it was a love relationship, a job, a goal, an emotion; my notion was that it wouldn’t last long. My LoveJourney brought me to a place where I wanted and needed things to stay in my life, for the long haul. I’m currently in my longest lasting love relationship, I’ve made a strong commitment to music, performing and releasing my debut EP and I’m working on forming permanent health habits too. Now don’t get me wrong, it gets hard! being truly committed through thick & thin is not the easiest thing, but it’s so worth it! I WILL finish what I started & keep the positive going! 

:: After the initial period of excitement and “newness”, we sometimes tend to get tired and ready to move on to the next, but now is the time to make commitments to people, goals and ideas that will enrich our lives. 

                                                           - Chaancé 

Catch me in January!
Let’s go!! There will be so many industry folks out! Get tix now!

LoveJourney Entry #10: K.I.R

I have to keep it real. In fact, I have a really hard time not doing that. I was saying that I wouldn’t say anything negative going into the new year but…. 2013 kicked my ass. Don’t get me wrong, there were so many blessings that brought me great joy this past year. When I wasn’t receiving those blessings I was being dragged through the fire, ice, hail, rain and mud. I learned some of life’s hardest lessons this past year, the hard way. I lost a loved one and went through a fire at my home destroying all of my things. But I’m still here. I’m still striving the LoveJourney isn’t over. 

My Great Gran :: I haven’t seen her since I was a little girl, and today she made my heart smile with her beautiful spirit. We talked, laughed & hugged tightly at the end of the night. This has been such a merry Christmas.
And the night went like this…     Had a blast performing at the birthday bash for @chefmax28          All the people were beautiful & we had some really great musical vibes. {Victor Gould - Keys : Jonathan Greenstein - Sax}
Good morning.

LoveJourney Entry #9: Beautiful Bodies


I’m loving my natural body. I love being curvy. I feel healthy and strong. I’ve never felt so confident before. 

Ever since I was young I have been body conscious. My body developed at a very young age, and I got lots of attention that I really couldn’t handle. I’ve never had a small figure, I’m thick, and although I have tried, no diet or crazy exercise regimen can permanently change that. For so long I went through phases, loving my body, hating it, covering it up, over-exposing it; it was just too much! For so long I felt like I had to have this “perfect” body, the ones that rappers talk about, and singers love to brag about. My LoveJourney has brought me to physical peace. I was able to stop comparing my body to others. I stopped obsessing over other singers, their look and body image. I don’t spend too much time tugging at my clothes and having awkward body language, I’m just comfortable in my skin! I’m still getting comfortable with my body, but I’m a long way from where I was. 

Your body is beautiful. It is perfect the way it is. The only beauty standard is the one you give to yourself. Your body is your temple & no matter it’s shape or size, you must love and cherish it. Be comfortable in your skin. 

                      - Chaance