Chaancé is a singer, songwriter and performer. She sings and writes in the styles of Jazz, R&B, and Neo-Soul. Here, among music, you will find personal journal entries, poems and pictures, all a part of Chaancé's continuing #LoveJourney. Peace.

Us girls. w/ @lilolsweetchrist
Tonight! What’s up Harlem? Meet me at Farafina Lounge for waffles & mimosas & some Neo-Soul. See you at 6pm. #LoveJourney (at Farafina Café and Lounge Harlem)
This could be us :: Wait it is. Check me & #TheGould giving our interpretation of Heatwave’s Always & Forever :: It’s a classic. {link in bio} #highbreed #lovejourney
Next Wednesday I’m rockin’ my Native Tongue. Meet me at Farafina Lounge in Harlem @ 6pm for some straight up soulful throwbacks. Oh yea, there will be waffles & mimosas too. 🍹🎤
Now on BlackFashion’s tumblr. Check ya girl out. Shouts to @sir_thelonious on photography. #blackfashion #lovejourney
And Carmen Lundy, and Joan Belgrave. #HeyLadies #JazzLife #LoveJourney #JazzVocalists
First, let me take a selfie. That’s Jazz Legend Marcus Belgrave, ya’ll. #JazzLife #LoveJourney
Flashback :: I had to be like 16/17 here. An age where innocence overwhelmed knowledge and consciousness. Sometimes it’s important to unplug and return to the state where you are soaking up life & looking forward to each experience. Let’s lose calculators/fears and just be! #LoveJourney

Always & Forever. 

Each moment with you. Is just like a dream to me that somehow came true.

I grew up on this music.

My grandmother blasted Heatwave day in and day out and I could never help but to sing along. I had to do my own rendition with the help of the incredible Victor Gould. We took about a million takes at The Breeding Ground just to capture the perfect moment. I hope you enjoy every bit of it. Keep love and romance alive. 



Remember basking in that musical glow.

LoveJourney Entry #13: Thank Yous for Ms. Maya

Maya Angelou was like my distant aunt. Every time I sat down with one of her works, I was sitting with my Auntie Maya as she advised me and encouraged me and empowered me. Unfortunately, so often we don’t get to say thank you until we absolutely have to and so…

Thank you Auntie Maya for all of your talks. Thank you for empowering generations and generation of women. We will teach your words to our daughters. Thank you for being an image of grace and intelligence. Thank you for being YOU. You are an immortal part of this world. 

Thank you so much. 


LoveJourney Entry #12: #Muse

Who’s your muse?

I never really knew what a muse was or how you can be that inspired by another person. Before I knew it I had met someone, and from my experiences with them I wrote poetry, songs and short stories. I looked back like, “Damn”. I guess he was my first muse. Now, I’m able to focus that same energy and write songs straight from the heart. All of my songs in LoveJourney are about real experiences that I’ve had with real people. Most of my “muse” creations are about romance and love, but there are some other aspects of life I pull from too. I also see using a muse as a way to over a situation you might be feeling a bit bitter about.

Trust me it works.

So, next time you create, try to pinpoint your muse, and if you can your work will be that much stronger.

Thanks to every muse out there. Continue to live & inspire.